Founded in 1985, INDUNIV is a nonprofit organization representing industry, government and the academic sector. The consortium promotes the island’s competitiveness in science and technology. Its efforts pave the way for the knowledge economy..

INDUNIV advances understanding of the pharmaceutical and bioscience development fields; facilitates collaboration between industry, government and academia; develops strategies and road maps to formulate public policy and advocates its implementation. It is a relentless promoter and catalyst for the development of centers of excellence, technology parks and incubators to pave the way in the value chain for the innovation through commercialization of products, enhancing Puerto Rico’s competitiveness and making it more attractive for manufacturing activities.

The consortium is governed by a Board of Directors with representatives from industry, government and academia. INDUNIV’s work is financed by donations from industry and academia, income from the events it organizes and a matching grant from PRIDCO. Allocations for research are secured through a grant from the University of Puerto Rico.

INDUNIV seeks to create a most favorable environment for applied research in Puerto Rico to reinforce the island’s scientific and technological infrastructure and provide the basis for a stable and enduring knowledge-based economy.

INDUNIV Guiding Principles are:

Catalyst to the Knowledge Economic development
Facilitator to enhance PR Manufacturing
Industry competitiveness
Integrator of Industry, University & Government
Initiatives and actions must add value to members

To achieve its goals, INDUNIV administers three of the island’s foremost Clusters; the Pharmaceutical Industry Cluster, the Puerto Rico Bioscience Alliance and the Puerto Rico Health Care Council and promotes the establishment of state-of-the-art service facilities geared to industry, such as the Materials Characterization Center.
A Scientific Affairs Committee, comprised of representatives of industry and academia, reviews proposals and recommends the disbursement of grants in support of research projects that help the organization achieve its objectives. Since 1989, INDUNIV has awarded over $2.7 million in grants to more than 70 research projects. INDUNIV hosted Puerto Rico’s utmost innovation international conference: The Forum for Innovation, which sponsored 3 conferences, workshops and short courses for over 800 participants in a 3 days period. Since 2006, the Forum for Innovation became part of INTERPHEX, the biggest pharmaceutical, medical devices and supply chain convention in Puerto Rico. In addition, INDUNIV regularly offers periodic seminars, symposia and training courses on issues of scientific and technological importance.